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26 May 2017 04:06AM

Oerlikon Schlafhorst

30 Mar 10 ,  Oerlikon Schlafhorst
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Innovations for ITMA Asia 2010 from the market leader

This year's ITMA Asia opens its doors in June in Shanghai, China. With its exhibit of spinning machines for staple fiber yarns in hall W2, booth C51, Oerlikon Schlafhorst once again impressively demonstrates its technological leadership in spinning and winding.

BD 416 - Get more
At this year's ITMA, market leader Oerlikon Schlafhorst presents its entire portfolio of rotor spinning machines, from Autocoro S 360 to the new BD 416. During the last four decades, over 8,000 BD machines conquered all continents; more than 1,000 machines were delivered to China alone. In Shanghai, Oerlikon Schlafhorst introduces the new generation of this successful traditional machine, the BD 416, with up to 416 spinning units and a new, electronically controlled high-precision drive system. In terms of productivity, the high take-up speed outperforms all comparable machines. In addition, the new BD 416 is the longest and also the most space-efficient machine of its kind. Even at maximum length it needs less space than comparable machines.

Zinser - the specialist in all aspects of ring spinning
Precise roving technology with four independent drive axes, decentralised Felder motors and intelligent EasySpin control guarantees maximum productivity due to a low rate of roving breaks and consistently high speeds. The Zinser 351 Impact FX combines highest compact quality - and thus yarn quality - with increased efficiency in a brilliant way. The independently adjustable vacuum and the self-cleaning compact element guarantee a consistent, uniform yarn quality. Only the Zinser Impact FX offers a constant compact characteristic with up to 1,680 spindles per machine. Another plus for increased efficiency is the low cleaning and maintenance requirement. The Zinser 360 enables Oerlikon Schlafhorst to provide a customised solution for conventional ring spinning mills as well. High-quality technological key components and optimised control technology guarantee reliable yarn quality. The proven automatic Zinser CoWeMat doffer ensures consistent high efficiency.

Autoconer X5 - Ready, steady, go!
In the area of winding technology, ITMA Asia is under the banner of the new Autoconer X5, with particular focus on increased automation and extensive flexibility. Oerlikon Schlafhorst has interesting news from the areas of quality, productivity and resource consumption as well. The Autoconer X5 allows customers to wind with traditional drum winding systems or enter the realm of drumless yarn displacement with PreciFX, use Speedster FX to increase productivity and / or improve yarn quality. Extended functionality, maximum flexibility and speed make the new X-Change doffer ready for all applications. With Plug&Wind technology and its electronics and CAN bus concept with virtually limitless capacity, the performance spectrum can be expanded at any time. The material flow concept of automatic machine types has been completely renewed and features reduced complexity and maximum reliability at low energy consumption.

Customer Support - We keep you competitive!
The Oerlikon Schlafhorst Customer Support offers its more than 6,000 customers reliable support and process monitoring during the entire product life cycle for all Oerlikon Schlafhorst machine generations. The global service network guarantees rapid assistance and the swift provision of original spare parts round the clock, true to the motto "We keep you competitive". Oerlikon Schlafhorst exclusively offers original spare parts ‘Made in Germany' for best yarn and package quality at maximum productivity.